Game of Thrones – Season 5

GoT-S5 Description:
Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.
The fifth season of HBO’s popular fantasy series Game Of Thrones kicks off on Monday, April 13 once again Game of Thrones is a Foxtel exclusive in Australia, better than last year we seem to be making some headway with HBO not drip-feeding the episodes across differing regions. It still looks like the best method to watch from Australia is via HBO Now and a US VPN.

A Song of Ice and Fire:
And about here is where we part from the books; “HBO’s adaptation of Game Of Thrones has a reputation for being even more bloodthirsty than the books it is based on. Each season, a clutch of minor characters meet grisly ends in complete contradiction to their prose counterparts. … As George R. R. Martin once explained to us: “Unlike my book characters, the actors expect to be paid money! Therefore, in order to introduce a new character at the start of each season, [the show] has to kill some of the old characters off.” … In addition, events are expected to overtake the books this season, which means the fates of principle characters are also hanging in the balance. Almost no one is safe.” — []

(Beware! Spoilers after the jump)

Game of Thrones – 5×00 A Day in the Life
What does it take to put together ‘Game of Thrones’? Spend a day on the set with the people who make it happen.

Game of Thrones – 5×01 The Wars to Come
In a flashback, a young Cersei is told a sombre fortune by a witch. After Tywin’s burial, Cersei chastises Jaime for freeing Tyrion and their cousin Lancel returns, now a devout religious man. In Pentos, a despondent Tyrion agrees to accompany Varys to Meereen to support Daenerys’s claim. In Meereen, the insurgent “Sons of the Harpy” murder an Unsullied, and Hizdahr zo Loraq and Daario Nahaaris try to convince Daenerys to reopen the traditional fighting pits. Daenerys’ locked-away dragons breathe fire at her when she comes to check on them. In the Vale, Littlefinger puts Robyn in the care of House Royce and leaves with Sansa, their caravan passing Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne. At the Wall, Stannis wants to enlist the Wildlings in his war against Roose Bolton. Jon Snow is unable to convince Mance Rayder to bend the knee to Stannis, who then has Mance burned alive for treason.

☞ Varys:you’re compassionate
Tyrion: I killed my lover with my own bare hands and shot my father with a crossbow.
Varys: I never said you were perfect

☞ Daenerys Targaryen: I’m not a politician. I’m a queen.


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Game of Thrones – 5×02 The House of Black and White
Arya arrives in Braavos and is accepted into the House of Black and White. Cersei sends Jaime to Dorne to bring back Myrcella; Jaime recruits Bronn and relieves him of his betrothal to Lollys. Podrick Payne recognises Littlefinger and Sansa inside an inn where they are resting; Brienne of Tarth tries to convince Sansa of her vow of allegiance to Catelyn Stark but is rebuffed. Jon Snow is promised legitimacy and Winterfell if he bends the knee to Stannis; Samwell forced Snow’s hand by nominating him as candidate, and Snow is elected the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch on the casting vote of Maester Aemon. Daenerys is faced with a riot after she decides to execute a former slave who has murdered a captured member of the Son of Harpy before he has been given the chance of a fair trial; she has to be evacuated by her Unsullied. Drogon reappears when Dany is atop her citadel overlooking the city of Meereen.

☞ ‘I did it for you Mhysa. You wanted the harpy dead but your hands were tied. I set you free as you did all of us’

☞ Varys: “Cersei has offered a lordship to the man who brings her your head.”
Tyrion: “She ought to offer her c—-. Best part of her for the best part of me.”

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Game of Thrones – 5×03 High Sparrow
Margaery, freshly wed to Tommen, manipulates her husband into dispatching Cersei to Casterly Rock. Baelish conducts Sansa Stark to Winterfell to cement an alliance with Roose Bolton through her marriage to his son Ramsay; Sansa will consolidate the Bolton hold on the North, while Baelish hints at an alliance between the North and the Eyrie is capable of bringing down the kingdom. Jon Snow refuses Stannis’ proposition and Stannis heads for King’s Landing via Winterfell. To adapt in the House of Black and White, Arya rids herself of all her personal effects save for Needle, which she hides in a pile of rocks. At Castle Black, Ser Allister is named First Ranger; Janos Slynt refuses to be dispatched to rebuild Greygard, and Snow executes Slynt himself. Lancel finds the High Septon compromised in Littlefinger’s brothel; in a purge, Cersei decides to seek out the High Sparrow. Arriving in Volantis, Tyrion visits a brothel and is abducted by Jorah Mormont.

☞ Arya: “I didn’t come here to sweep floors”

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Game of Thrones – 5×04 The Sons of the Harpy
<emThe Sparrows arrest Loras Tyrell. Margaery is enraged, but Tommen proves too weak to arrange his release. Melisandre tries to seduce Jon Snow in an attempt to convince Snow to go to Winterfell with Stannis. In the crypts of Winterfell, Baelish reveals he has been summoned to return to King's Landing by Cersei. Before leaving, he tries to dispel Sansa's misgivings towards Ramsay Bolton, telling her that even if Stannis does not defeat the Boltons and rescue her, she can easily manipulate Ramsay. Bronn and Jaime land secretly in Dorne; they encounter and kill four horsemen, then use their clothes and gear as disguises. The Sand Snakes learn from a sea captain that Jaime has come to Dorne for Myrcella; Ellaria convinces the Sand Snakes to plan to avenge the death of Oberyn by abducting Myrcella before Jaime can intervene. Ser Jorah plans to redeem himself to Daenerys by giving Tyrion to her as a prisoner. In Meereen, Hizdahr zo Loraq makes another appeal to Daenerys to reopen the fighting pits; the Sons of the Harpy run amok and ambush an Unsullied patrol inside the citadel; Grey Worm is critically wounded and Ser Barristan is killed.

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Game of Thrones – 5×05 Kill the Boy
Brienne and Podrick arrive at an inn near Winterfell and asks for help getting a message to Sansa, who, in Winterfell, is reunited with Reek, formerly Theon Greyjoy. At the Wall, Tormund accepts an alliance with the Night’s Watch that will allow Wildlings to settle south of the Wall. Jon agrees to accompany Tormund to meet the Wildlings at Hardhome. Stannis’ army leaves for Winterfell, taking Selyse and Shireen with them. In Meereen, Grey Worm recuperates. Daenerys feeds a Meereenese noble to Viserion and Rhaegal in retaliation for Ser Barristan’s death and imprisons others. She later agrees to reopen the fighting pits and marry Hizdahr zo Loraq to facilitate peace. At sea, Tyrion and Jorah sail through Valyria and are attacked by a group of stone men. They manage to escape, but Jorah is infected with greyscale.

☞ ‘You will find little joy in your command, but with luck you will find the strength to do what needs to be done.’
Game of Thrones recap: season five, episode five – Kill the Boy [The Guardian]

Game of Thrones – 5×06 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Jaqen takes Arya to a chamber with the faces of all the people that have died in the House of Black and White. Jaime and Bronn reach the Water Gardens, where they find Myrcella and are attacked by the Sand Snakes. The fight is broken up by Dornish guards. Jorah and Tyrion run into slavers, whom Tyrion manages to convince to take them to the fighting pits of Meereen. Petyr informs Cersei of Roose’s plan to marry Sansa to Ramsay, and convinces her to allow him to lead the knights of the Vale to Winterfell to destroy both the Boltons and Stannis, asking that he be named Warden of the North in return. Olenna arrives in King’s Landing and warns Cersei that the imprisonment of Loras has put their alliance in peril. At Loras’ hearing, Loras and Margaery both deny Loras’ homosexuality. Olyvar contradicts their testimony, and Margaery is arrested for lying to the gods. In Winterfell, Sansa is married to Ramsay, who rapes her in front of Reek.

☞ High Septon: ‘According to the Law of the Seven, neither queens or kings are exempt from testimony at a Holy Inquest’
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Game of Thrones – 5×07 The Gift
Jon leaves for Hardhome with Tormund and some rangers. Maester Aemon dies shortly after. Gilly is attacked by two brothers, but Sam comes to her rescue. Sansa asks Reek to help her escape Winterfell, but Reek instead informs Ramsay, who flays the woman who had offered to help Sansa. At Stannis’ army’s camp, Melisandre suggests sacrificing Shireen; Stannis is disgusted and refuses. Jorah and Tyrion are sold as slaves to Yezzan zo Qaggaz. The two are brought to a local fighting pit that Daenerys and her consort happen to be visiting in preparation for the coming games at Daznak’s pit. Jorah defeats the other slaves and reveals his identity to Daenerys, and that he brought Tyrion as a gift for her. In Dorne, Myrcella asks Jaime why he came to rescue her when she wants to marry Trystane. Olenna’s demand for Loras and Margaery’s release is declined by the High Sparrow. Later, the High Sparrow reveals to Cersei his knowledge of her and Lancel’s adulterous and incestuous relationship and has her imprisoned.

☞ Daario Naharis: ‘All rulers are either butchers or meat’
Game of Thrones recap: season five, episode seven – The Gift [The Guardian]

Game of Thrones – 5×08 Hardhome
Cersei refuses to confess her sins. Arya assumes the identity of Lana, an oyster merchant. Jaqen tells her to study a thin man who sells marine insurance, but has defrauded benefactors. She is to learn everything about the thin man, and then poison him. Olly questions Sam about Jon’s alliance with the wildlings. Reek tells Sansa there is no escape from Ramsay, and reveals that he faked the deaths of her younger brothers. Ramsay suggests to his father that they move on Stannis and asks for twenty good men. In Meereen, Tyrion convinces Daenerys to spare Jorah’s life and she exiles him again. Jorah goes back to Yezzan and asks permission to fight in the pits. Daenerys accepts Tyrion into her council. Arriving at Hardhome, Jon and Tormund convince about five thousand wildlings to join them, when Hardhome is attacked by an army of wights. Jon kills a White Walker with his Valyrian-steel sword. As Jon and the survivors sail away, they witness the Night’s King reanimating the deceased wildlings as wights.

☞ ‘My name is Jon Snow. I’m Lord Commander of the Knight’s Watch. We’re not friends. We won’t become friends. This isn’t about friendship. This is about survival’
Game of Thrones recap: season five, episode eight – Hardhome [The Guardian]

Game of Thrones – 5×09 The Dance of Dragons
During a snowstorm, Stannis’ camp is sabotaged when Ramsay’s force of twenty men completely destroy the entire camp’s siege equipment and food stores, while inflicting heavy losses on the army’s horses. Melisandre insists they must make a sacrifice of King’s Blood to reach Winterfell. Stannis reluctantly offers his daughter, Princess Shireen, burning her alive at the stake, while she desperately cries out for her parents. Jon and the wildlings return to the Wall, where their welcome is fraught with tension. In Dorne, Prince Doran permits Jaime to return to King’s Landing with Myrcella, provided Trystane accompany them and serve on the small council in Oberyn’s stead. In Meereen, the fights at Daznak’s pit begin, and Daenerys is stunned to see Jorah amongst the combatants. Although he is successful, his triumph is interrupted by a fierce attack by the Sons of the Harpy, who quickly surround Daenerys and her supporters. Just as all hope seems lost, Drogon arrives, and Daenerys mounts her dragon and flies away from Meereen, her followers and enemies watching alike in awe.

☞ Tyrion: ‘There’s always been more than enough death in the world for my taste. I can do without it in my leisure time’
☞ ‘I’ve seen war, I’ve seen the bodies piled in the battlefields, I’ve seen the orphans starving in the city, I don’t want to lead my people into that hell’
Game of Thrones recap: season five, episode nine – The Dance of Dragons [The Guardian]

Game of Thrones – 5×10 Mother’s Mercy
Sam, Gilly and her child leave for Oldtown for Sam to become a maester. Selyse hangs herself and half of Stannis’ forces desert him; Stannis is defeated by the Boltons and consequently killed by Brienne, while Melisandre flees to Castle Black. Sansa escapes her room, but is caught by Myranda. Theon kills Myranda and he and Sansa escape from Winterfell. Cersei confesses to sleeping with Lancel and is forced to face atonement. Upon reaching the Red Keep, Qyburn introduces a new member of the Kingsguard. Jaime, Myrcella, Bronn and Trystane sail from Dorne. After Myrcella tells Jaime that she knows he is her father, she dies of poison from Ellaria. Arya infiltrates a brothel and kills Ser Meryn. Arya is blinded for violating the terms of the Faceless Men. Varys arrives in Meereen to rule the city with Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei, while Daario and Jorah search for Daenerys, who, far away, is found by a large group of Dothraki. At Castle Black a group of brothers, including Alliser and Olly, mutiny against Jon, stabbing him and then leaving him to die.

☞ ‘A sinner comes before you: Cersei of House Lannister … She comes before you naked before eyes of gods and men to make her walk of atonement’
Game of Thrones season five finale recap – Mother’s Mercy [The Guardian]

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