This weeks links (2015-04-20)

In brief:

* Getting Started with Zoom – Video and Web Conferencing (2015-Mar-19) [Learning Environments blog | UniMelb]
Learning Environments supports the use of the AARNet hosted web conference software ‘Zoom’, making it possible to connect up to 25 people together from desktop computers, IP-based room systems, mobile devices (Windows, iOS, Android) or telephones.
Features include high quality video and audio, screen sharing, text chat, annotation, remote desktop control and recording, and is ideal for online classes, meetings, special events, webinars and job interviews.

* Revenge Of The Record Labels: How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music (2015-Apr-14) [Forbes]
… And what have the labels been giving the startups, aside from legitimacy, to secure these sweetheart deals? All-encompassing access to the artists and their songs–a neat little trick. Sure, the artists derive some minimal amount of royalties from these new channels, but they aren’t getting any of the ownership.
“That’s the story of the music business,” says John Oates, one-half of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame duo Hall & Oates, who went independent almost 20 years ago amid frustration over their financial arrangements with labels. “It goes back to the earliest days–take it back to, ‘Give him a bottle of wine and take all his publishing for the rest of his life.’ “ …

* Cotton woolling …



Some reading/listening:

* If only the sci-fi writers who hijacked the Hugo awards had the wit to imagine a world beyond the Good Old Days (2015-Apr-18) [The Guardian]

Something from Bandcamp:

Record Store Day 2015 by The Ataris

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