This weeks links (2015-05-25)

In brief:

* The road to ORA 2015: Inside the outdoor retail industry (2015-May-25) [Wild]

* 10 Running Must Haves (2015-May-27) [Run, Selfie, Repeat]


* Ask The Pros – Life On The Road | Giro D’Italia 2015 [GCN]

Some reading/listening:

* Inkshares Sword and Laser novel contest
To debut the Sword & Laser Collection on Inkshares, we will publish the five science fiction and fantasy projects with the most pre-orders by May 31st, 2015. Sword & Laser will choose their personal favorite from the top five and make it the debut book in their Collection.
The Sword & Laser Collection Contest [Inkshares] – ENDS: May 31, 2015

* 9 Great Science Fiction Books For People Who Don’t Like Science Fiction (2015-May-21) [io9]
So there’s someone in your life who doesn’t like science fiction. Nobody’s perfect. But the good news is, genre is expansive, and there’s almost always a little corner of it where even the most science fiction-averse person can curl up and enjoy themselves. Here are 10 science fiction books for people who don’t like science fiction.

Something from Bandcamp:
EUROVISION by Albert Road

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