This weeks links (2015-06-01)

In brief:

* parkrun tourism, it’s a thing (2015-Jun-02) [My Pineapple Blog]

* Where does Google Maps think you are? (2015-May-20) [The Guardian]
Google’s mapping app throws up some unusual responses to vanity searches

* ‘Marauders Map’ exposes extent of Facebook Messenger app’s location tracking (2015-May-29) [SMH]

* Following footprints: Analysing students’ digital interactions


* The Bike Lane S1 Ep2 [SBS Cycling Central]
The Bike Lane showcases the very best in cycling, from pro tips, to the latest race news, celebrity challenges and gear reviews. Hosted by Matthew Keenan and with special guest Robbie McEwen on the panel, The Bike Lane takes you into the world of cycling culture from fixies and commuters, all the way to the top of the sport at the Giro d’Italia.

Some reading/listening:

* Finalists: 2015 Aurora Award (2015-May-25) [SF Signal]
The finalists for the Aurora Award, celebrating the best in Canadian fiction (in both English and French), have been announced.

Something from Bandcamp:
Last Call for the E.P. Ripley by Bucketheadland

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