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❝.. Well, science depends on whether you believe that science is the final say on everything. ..❞
— Michael Leunig (2015-May-29), ABC News Breakfast.


Michael Leunig is known for being pretty much out there with a whimsical Mr Curly approach to life, but recently Leunig has gone off into the anti-vax deep end. His cartoon today in The Age ‘Immunisation!!!’ with the *Evil Science Pixies* has been one of several recent anti-vax opinion pieces, this was a follow up to his interview on ABC News Breakfast where he compared vaccination to Thalidomide.

Michael Leunig On ABC Breakfast – Vaccinations

How about when it comes to public health we rely on a few facts and not science denial? This Is Why I much prefer Jon Kudelka’s cartoon on the subject


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[2] Michael Leunig On Vaccination: “I Think The Science Is Incomplete, I Honestly Do” (2015-May-29) [Junkee]
[3] In search of a direction-finding duck in the vaccine debate (2015-Jun-01) [The Conversation]
[4] Leunig takes another swipe at vaccinations (2015-Jun-03) [The New Daily]

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