This weeks links (2015-06-22)

Westerfoldians represent! Salomon Trail Series 2015 - Race 1

In brief:

* Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory (2015-Jun-19) [WIRED]
… Put simply, the company is conflating authenticity with accountability. That’s not unreasonable. Facelessness can beget some pretty disgusting behavior (of course it’s worth noting anonymity and pseudonymity are not the same things), and it makes sense that people would behave themselves when their identities are attached to their actions. But behavior on the Internet is fraught and murky, with some suggesting malicious behavior actually has very little to do with anonymity.
Facebook has not provided any data suggesting the authentic name policy is reducing online behaviors such as bullying and harassment. If the data are supportive, why not share it? And if the behaviors are the problem, why not simply police that and not the names? It feels like the company is using a sledgehammer when what it needs is a scalpel. …

* Why universities should get rid of PowerPoint and why they won’t (2015-Jun-24) [The Conversation]
Do you really believe that watching a lecturer read hundreds of PowerPoint slides is making you smarter? ❞ ‪#‎DeathByPowerpoint‬

* 21 Melbourne Walks That Will Take Your Breath Away (2015-Jun-20) [Buzzfeed]


* The Bike Lane S1 Ep5 [SBS Cycling Central]

* Finding fault: when cyclists and motorists collide (2015-Jun-25) [Executive Style]
“While driver perceptions are of cyclists being mavericks on the road, the crash data does not support this position.”

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Joy, Departed by Sorority Noise

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