#TrollDJ 2015 – the inconclusive list


❝ Some say he/she likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain… all we know, is it’s the #trolldj ❞ — @slippycaff

NOTE: This is not a complete list, I go back through the #TrollDJ Tweets and put together what I can find as the ‘rough guide to the TrollDJ playlist’. All corrections and updates gratefully accepted.

A rough guide to the 2015 TrollDJ playlist

Saturday, July 04 – Stage 1
♫ Manfred Man – 5 4 3 2 1 🏁🚲

♫ Ryan Bingham – Hands of Time 🚲 get your time trial on! #trolldj
♫ Shane Alexander – Keep You In Mind

♫ Florence and the Machine – What Kind of Man

Sunday, July 05 – Stage 2
♫ The Vamps – Last Night #TrollDJ #sbstdf and what a night it was for @RohanDennis 🚲👍
♫ Deorro & Chris Brown – Five More Hours #TrollDJ #sbstdf five hours, that’s going to allow for a biddon Jersey full of #SherLiggettisms
♫ Dusty Springfield- The Windmills of Your Mind #TrollDJ #sbstdf. Hey Apple, where’s the windmill emoticon?
♫ Georgia Fame – Let the Good Times Roll #TrollDJ #sbstdf doesn’t look like good time with the conditions at the finish o.O
♫ ?

Monday, July 06 – Stage 3
♫ Mr Probz – Waves #TrollDJ #sbstdf well the Gorilla managed to keep his face above the water for a great stage win
♫ Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle With You #TrollDJ #sbstdf It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face = Spartacus, not so much = Nibs
♫ Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round #TrollDJ #sbstdf like a traffic furniture, right round

♫ Kya – What I Live For #TrollDJ #sbstdf I’m guessing not many of the riders do live for the crashes, but they are part of the sport

Tuesday, July 07 – Stage 4
♫ REM – Everybody Hurts #TrollDJ #sbstdf most of the peloton hurts. Well played
♫ AC/DC – Highway to Hell (live) #TrollDJ #sbstdf as the Tour visits the Hell of the North
♫ The Triffids- Wide Open Road #TrollDJ #sbstdf not all that wide at the earlier rail bridge *squeal of brakes*
♫ Elbow – Neat Little Rows #TrollDJ #sbstdf Drown me now in doubt of ire, get me to bed, oh Lord (appropriate lyrics for this time of night)

Wednesday, July 08 – Stage 5
♫ JPY – Love is in the Air #TrollDJ #sbstdf the Etixx boys certainly loved the Panzerwagons win 🙂

♫ Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne Regretted arisen #TrollDJ #sbstdf more like “regrets, I’ve had a few” for Pinot
♫ David Bowie – Wild is the Wind #TrollDJ #sbstdf “For we’re like creatures of the wind” and all hoping for crosswinds
♫ Kris-One – Sound of Da Police #TrollDJ #sbstdf the engine rev of a moto in the ditch?

Thursday, July 09 – Stage 6
♫ Avicii – Waiting for Love #TrollDJ #sbstdf a fair bit of love for Bling soldiering on with his injuries in my TL
♫ Simon & Garfunkel – Slip Slidin’ Away #TrollDJ #sbstdf the GoPro footage showed how nasty that chute really was 😱

♫ Razorlight -To the Sea #trolldj #sbstdf
♫ Glenn Campbell – Wichita Lineman

♫ Hozier – Someone New #TrollDJ with some Teklehaimanot love

Friday, July 10 – Stage 7
*kermit arms* #trollDJ 🐸
♫ Muppets – Moovin’ Right Along #TrollDJ #sbstdf … and the crowd goes wild 🐸

♫ The Vaccines – Give Me A Sign #TrollDJ #sbstdf I see what you did there[SIGN]
♫ The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses #TrollDJ #sbstdf a nod to cheval du tour

And because it was mentioned last night;

Saturday, July 11 – Stage 8
♫ The Heavy – How You Like Me Now? #TrollDJ #sbstdf Well Cav it looks like you are on good terms again with P&P
♫ Muppets – Ma Nam An Nah #TrollDJ #sbstdf Who are they calling muppets?

♫ Grandmaster Flash – White Lines #TrollDJ #sbstdf a Paolini special?
♫ Shawn Mendes – Something Big

Sunday, July 12 – Stage 9
♫ Tim Rogers – On Time #TrollDJ #sbstdf Well, OGE is more like ‘taking their time’

♫ Olivia Newton John – Physical #TrollDJ #sbstdf ‘let me hear you body talk’ I said talk, not scream

Great finishing montage by #TrollDJ #sbstdf
♫ Elbow – One Day Like This (Live)

Monday, July 13 – Rest Day 1

Tuesday, July 14 – Stage 10

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