This weeks links (2015-07-13)

In brief:

* Ghost signs and derelict buildings reveal clues about Melbourne’s quirky past (2015-Jul-13) [ABC]

* Unsealed 4×4, Issue 13 (2015-Jul) [Unsealed 4×4]

* Of clowns and treasurers: Joe Hockey and the myth of Coalition economic management (2015-Jul) [The Monthly]

❝ The Commission of Audit report and the Abbott government’s first budget that came two weeks later were so ideological, so full of errors and so inequitable that nobody felt they lacked the language to critique them. Everybody simply said they were unfair.
That simple word destroyed the Abbott government’s first-term agenda. ❞


* TOUR DE FRANCE : WEEK 1 (2015-Jul-11) [Cyclingtips]

* Long-awaited Copenhagen style bike lanes open up in Collingwood (2015-Jul-13) [Herald Sun]

* How to make Marvellous Melbourne a more cyclist-friendly city (2015-Jul-13) [The Age]

Some reading/listening:

* Go Set A Watchman: read the first chapter – interactive (2015-Jul-10) [The Guardian]


Something from Bandcamp:
Populous – Night Safari Remixed by Bad Panda Records

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