Adobe Patches (Jul-2015)

Adobe has three security bulletin for this month’s Patch Tuesday.

❝ Security Bulletins for Adobe Acrobat and Reader (APSB15-15), Adobe Shockwave Player (APSB15-17) and Adobe Flash Player (APSB15-18) have been published. These updates address critical vulnerabilities, and Adobe recommends users update their product installations to the latest versions using the instructions referenced in the relevant security bulletin. ❞ [1]

Bulletin Description Impact / Severity Software
APSB15-15 Security updates available for Adobe Acrobat and Reader Critical :
Remote Code Execution
Adobe Acrobat and Reader
APSB15-17 Security update available for Adobe Shockwave Critical :
Remote Code Execution
Adobe Shockwave
APSB15-18 Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player Critical :
Remote Code Execution
Adobe Flash Player

❝ The reality is, there really is no reason for Flash to still exist or be supported by modern browsers. Steve Jobs made this point in 2010. Unfortunately, the reason that it still persists is because Adobe still makes money from it, a large number of people can’t be bothered changing how they produce their ads and websites and an even larger number of people are still running versions of software that is too old to run the modern replacement for Flash, HTML 5. The latter group probably also can be split into those who can’t be bothered to upgrade and those who can’t afford to.
One has to believe that Flash has become a huge liability for Adobe. Being known as a company enabling a large part of the Internet’s security problems is not good reputationally. However, Flash is still a part of its Creative Cloud product suite and so it seems that any moves to abandon it won’t come from Adobe voluntarily. ❞
Using Flash is like leaving your home doors open and sending invites to criminals (2015-Jul-16) [The Conversation]

[1.] Security Bulletins Posted (2015-Jul-14) [Adobe PSIRT Blog]
[2.] Adobe Updates Flash Player, Shockwave and PDF Reader (2015-Jul-14) [SANS]
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