This weeks links (2015-08-10)

In brief:

* Streaming D&D on Twitch : Behind the Screens (2015-Aug-10) [D&D – Wizards of the Coast]
In my opinion, the best options for livestreaming software are Xplit for Windows users and OBS for Mac and Linux users. Both these programs are pretty straightforward. You’ll need your stream key, which you can get on Twitch by going to your dashboard and selecting the Stream Key tab. This key is what allows your software to talk to the streaming service. One major advantage of these services is the ability to use graphic overlays, which can include cool graphic frames, name plaques, maps, and other images you want to share with viewers.
This sound like a good product to test for virtual classroom broadcasts – XSplit Broadcaster – Professional Live Stream Software.

* Telstra threat MyRepublic details Australia launch and slams NBN (2015-Aug-11) [SMH]
❝ The Singaporean company named as one of Telstra’s biggest worries by its outgoing chief executive David Thodey has labelled parts of the $41 billion national broadband network as “shit” as it prepares to launch services in Australia. ❞
Only parts are ‘shit’? I’d have said the majority was ‘shit’

* How Australia’s cartel-like political parties drag down democracy (2015-Aug-10) [The Age]
❝ Recent attempts at internal reform by the major parties have been miserable flops, as they cling to the economic and social structures of a bygone century. And the Greens are no better.
As a result, Australia suffers from the lowest levels of political party membership in the advanced world. Yet the cartel-like structure of our party-based system means they continue as viable entities. The party is over but the music keeps playing, turning Australia into a democracy without the people. ❞



Some reading/listening:

* ALIVE Serialized Audiobook by Scott Sigler

Something from Bandcamp:
Tales From The Lost Kingdom by BrunuhVille

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