Tuesday Tunes‬ #203 – Roll to play

hqdefault Music for Role Playing Games (RPG)
Imagine watching your favorite movie without a soundtrack – the lack of soundtrack takes away from the feel of the movie as the director uses the music to trigger emotional responses. When you are running RPG sessions you can also make use of these techniques at your gaming table.
Remember; the music should act as a backdrop. For most of your ‘soundtrack’ use ambient music where possible, during the battles and other dramatic moments pump up the volume and select a more upbeat track. A little more volume can wake up your players, make them fight a little to be heard, and raise their heart rates!

And now for some music …

BrunuhVille – 1-Hour Epic Music Mix

Derek Fiechter – 2 Hours of Fantasy Music

Adrian von Ziegler – 2 Hours of Fantasy Music

Antti Martikainen – 3 Hours Epic Fantasy Music Mix

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