This weeks links (2015-08-17)

Sunday, run day

In brief:

* The government vs the environment: lawfare in Australia (2015-Aug-18) [The Conversation]
The government’s use of the term “lawfare” is inflammatory, but even if it were a correct descriptor it would be a classic David and Goliath battle. If mining companies are free to use their financial clout to both lobby the government and challenge unfavourable decisions in court, while the government itself has a track record of significant bias towards industry, shouldn’t the community also have the right to at least challenge decisions that clearly breach the law?

* Debbie does decay: what ‘ruin porn’ tells us about ruins – and porn (2015-Aug-18) [The Conversation]
These images represent not only economic failure, but ideological failure, representing a break with modernised conceptions of cultural innocence and everyday enjoyment.

* Journalism Skills for Engaged Citizens (2015-Aug) [Coursera]
This is a course in basic journalism skills designed for citizens who are using new media to publish news, views and information. We cover writing skills, interviews, ethics, law and accessing public forums and documents. We also introduce basic investigative skills.

* Economists’ concerns with emissions reduction target not what you’d expect (2015-Aug-18) [The Age]
… Daly says the economy is a “wholly owned subsidiary of the environment”. Whether at a national or global level, the economy exists inside the environment – the ecosystem. It’s a box inside a circle, if you like.
The point is, all human activity – all our producing and consuming – depends directly on the natural environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the shelters we build and the energy we use all come from the ecosystem that surrounds us.
Much of our economic activity involves misusing, overusing and abusing the natural environment. We’ve done great damage to our soil, rivers and aquifers, we’ve destroyed much habitat and many species, and now the world’s overuse of fossil fuels is playing havoc with the climate. …


* The two hour marathon (2015-Aug-15) [ABC: The Body Sphere]
In the mid-20th century the great athletic quest was to run a four minute mile. Now it’s the two hour marathon.


* Big decisions needed to make ‘fundamentally unsafe’ road system safe for cyclists: expert (2015-Aug-17) [The Age]
Melbourne’s roads are fundamentally unsafe for bike riders and we need to make big decisions on the value of on-street parking if we want to save lives, according to new research from a traffic engineer.
Dr Cameron Munro analysed VicRoads and Victoria Police crash data involving cyclists in Victoria from 2002 to 2012 to determine the most common causes of bike accidents.
“Our road system is fundamentally unsafe, and we implicitly trade off serious injury and death to allow us to drive fast and park in the most convenient locations,” Dr Munro said.

Some reading/listening:

* .

Something from Bandcamp:
Monstercat 023 – Voyage by Monstercat

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