Tuesday Tunes‬ #206 – Onion Skin?


It is a telling commentary on the now concluded 24-month-old Abbott government that even after it has expired, hustled out of office by an urgent up-welling of frustrated colleagues, its brains trust is still making poor strategic calls.
The latest, and presumably last of these has been to keep Abbott under wraps after his removal. Whether it is Abbott’s thinking alone is not known but more than 14 hours after being replaced decisively in the party room vote by Malcolm Turnbull, 54 votes to 44, Abbott is yet to publicly concede. …
(2015-Sep-15) [The Age]

And now for some music …

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust

Boom Crash Opera – Onion Skin

There’s a certain arrogance and supreme confidence in your own moral rectitude that you must need to have when you systematically ignore the pleas of the electorate for information on how you reached your decisions and instead smile beatifically down and declare ‘we’ve stopped the boats’ in answer to every question, water-based or otherwise, like that should serve as some sort of articulation of your raison d’etre.
— Sabine Wolff, ReTurnbull (2015-Sep-15)

Steve Howe – Going, going, gone

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