This weeks links (2015-10-12)

In brief:





* Abu Dhabi Tour 2015 – Stage 3 [OGE]

Some reading/listening:

* Carrie Vaughn – Harry and Marlowe Meet the Founder of the Aetherian Revolution (2015-Sep) [Light Speed Magazine]
“We could have taken George’s courier ship and arrived in a quarter of the time.” “No, we couldn’t,” Harry said, scowling at Marlowe, who knew very well they shouldn’t be here at all, much less aboard her brother’s ship. But he seemed to enjoy mentioning her brother George and reminding Harry of the impropriety of it all. It was a long-running joke, and she let him have his fun. Marlowe just smiled.

Something from Bandcamp:
The Awry Ascent by Hungry Lights

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