UCI, FIFA and next batter is the IAAF

❝ The investigation has confirmed the existence of widespread cheating through the use of doping substances and methods to ensure, or enhance the likelihood of, victory for athletes and teams. The cheating was done by the athletes’ entourages, officials and the athletes themselves. ❞
— The WADA Independent Commission (IC) report (2015-Nov-09)

Some of the Outcomes of the IC Investigation;
* The IC has identified systemic failures within the IAAF and Russia that prevent or diminish the possibility of an effective anti-doping program, to the extent that neither ARAF, RUSADA, nor the Russian Federation can be considered Code-compliant. * The IC has recommended that WADA declare ARAF and RUSADA to be Code non-compliant.
* The IC has recommended that WADA withdraw its accreditation of the Moscow
laboratory as soon as possible and that its Director be permanently removed from his position. The Moscow laboratory is unable to act independently.
* The IC has recommended that the IAAF suspend ARAF.

Russian sports minister speaks to RT over WADA doping claims

RT: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has accused Russia of systematic doping violations and cover-ups involving Russian officials, including the sports minister. It calls for Russian athletes to be barred from competitions. Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko speaks to RT over WADA claims.

Lord Coe questioned: IAAF “asleep on the job, or corrupt?”

Channel 4 News: Jon Snow questions International Association of Athletics Federations President Lord Coe. The London 2012 boss was Vice President of the IAAF during the period when allegations of doping took place.

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