Run From The Hills 2015

2015-RFTH Event: 2015 Run From The Hills
Distance: 21.5k
Date: Saturday the 14th November 2015
Location: Avoca, Victoria
Organised by: Big Hill Events

Having run the 10km event in 2014 and enjoyed the course and *vibe*, I signed onto the 21.5k for 2015. There were even some thoughts about using this event as a Two Bays qualifier.

The bus ride up to the start line in the Pyrenees Range State Park Forest gave a good indication of what was to come as the bus scrambled up the dusty rock strewn access road.

After a slight delay to allow the toilet queues to reduce, we gather for a briefing and we line up at the start. And we’re off! A bit of a shake down in the first 500m as the Settling into a good pace that should get us through to the finish somewhere between the 2h 15m and 2h 30m time frame. Three kilometers in and I misstep, I feel the left ankle roll more than it should – this is not good. I push on and on the next climb there is no power coming from the left foot, only a sharp pain. It is going to be a long day.


I needed to swap between jogging and some ‘skyrunning’ power walking so that the ankle was manageable, and not damaged enough to put me out of action after today’s run. In the end I finished in 2h 52m 48s



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