This weeks links (2015-12-21)

In brief:

* Christmas Microadventure Challenge
For us it will be the Christmas/ Summer Solstice Microadventure Challenge : Southern Hemisphere Summer Solstice (Australia, New Zealand, South America, Southern Africa), 2015 December 22, at 04:48 UTC.
“Head out of town with a friend or two. Climb a hill. Crack open a box of 50%-reduced mince pies and a few beers. Earn your Christmas Dinner. Work off your Christmas Dinner. Do whatever you like. But why not try to squeeze one last night in the wild into these last few nights of the year? Reflect on the year just passed, scheme for the year ahead.”
Christmas Microadventure Challenge [Alastair Humphreys]

Christmas Microadventure

* The government’s cultural barbarism and plunder of the arts, continued (2015-Dec-18) [The Guardian]
It is not the Vandals themselves, but the French, who we have to thank for the term “vandalism” and its specific, political meaning in regards to the desecration of art.
Historical habit has ascribed to the Vandals what should have been a reputation shared by all of Ancient Rome’s invaders for the barbaric plunder of that civilisation’s treasures – yet it was the Vandals that French Revolutionary leader Henri Grégoire, the Abbé Grégoire, invoked to decry the frenzy of monumental destruction taking place in 1794 France.
He pleaded with his comrades in his Report on the Destruction Brought About by Vandalism to consider why “paintings, books and buildings” should be “the concern of a nation”.
Oh, Australian nation, do please take note of this. …


* The new edition #19 of Trail Runner Magazine (Australia_NZ) has dropped.
VOLUME 5 ED19 // SUMMER 2015/16 // AU/NZ/ASIA WILD CHILD – a pre-teen ultra? // THE GREEN ZONE – the politics of trail building // SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – is obstacle course racing? // GRAND PLAN – an Aussie’s grand outing in America // GO GAINE – navigating wild running // GOW 100 – photo essay // SCHOOL OF HARD ROCKS – UTMB for my birthday // GOING FOR GOLD – an ultra in Canada // PLUS REVIEWS, GUIDES, GEAR & PORN


* Elite Women’s Race | 2015-16 Cyclo-cross World Cup – Namur, Belgium

* Elite Men’s Race | 2015-16 Cyclo-cross World Cup – Namur, Belgium

Some reading/listening:

* The Very Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Of 2015 (2015-Dec-21)[io9]

* Humble Audiobook Bundle: Worlds of Doctor Who [Humble Bundle]
$238 worth of Doctor Who audiobooks
You’re just in TIME for Doctor Who audiobooks! Treat your earbuds to the magical worlds of Doctor Who through these audiobooks that dive into the extended universe of the classic series.
Pay what you want for Whispers of Terror, Destiny of the Doctor: Death’s Deal, Phantasmagoria, and The Sirens of Time.
Pay more than the average price to also receive Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine, The Genocide Machine, The Marian Conspiracy, The Fearmonger, and Land of the Dead.
Pay $15 or more for all of the above plus Red Dawn, Torchwood: The Conspiracy, and The Worlds of Big Finish.

Something from Bandcamp:
Sometimes Radical by Unwoman

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