2016, a year of Microadventure

Alastair Humphreys’ challenge to make 2016 Your Year of Microadventure is a great idea and I am looking forward to ticking off a microadventure each month although I will probably be taking some liberties to modify the challenges to suit the Southern Hemisphere and our reversal of seasons and solstices.

My year


  • January – Start Small : Sleep outdoors, just one night
  • February – Valentine’s, 14th Feb 2016 : Climb a hill, watch shooting stars
  • March – Autumn Equinox, 20 Mar 2016 : Remind yourself of the wild universe out there.
  • AprilTake someone on their first microadventure; Daylight saving finishes on 3 April 2016
  • May – a night away, perhaps on a beach by the sea : Blue Moon on Sunday, 22 May 2016 at 7:14 AM (third Full Moon in a season with four Full Moons)
  • June – Winter Solstice, 21 June 2016 : A special day to be outdoors
  • July – Sleep without a roof
  • August – Perseid meteor shower 11-12 Aug 2016 : Somewhere dark to watch the show. Best hours to observe: 11:00pm – 04:30am (EDT); Peak: Night of Aug 12 to morning of Aug 13.
  • September – Spring Equinox, 23 Sep 2016 : Same spot as March, try for a wild swim
  • October – Daylight Saving starts, 02 Oct 2016 : Sleep out on a hill, luxury.
  • November – Black Friday, 25 Nov 2016 : A chance for minimalism and simplicity as you escape from the undignified fighting in the shops.
  • December – Summer Solstice 21 Dec 2016 : A time to celebrate completing the challenge, perhaps with a mince pie or two. Santa hats compulsory.

While browsing for microadventure ideas I came across In Which I’s A microadventure every week for a year;

❝ Inspired by Alastair Humphreys, I wanted to do things I hadn’t done before, have fun, explore and enjoy wherever I happened to be. These adventures couldn’t be expensive, because I wasn’t making much money. They also had to be doable wherever I ended up living, because back in January 2015 I was still waiting for my hard-fought-for visa to stay in the UK, uncertain I’d be in the same country at the end of the month, let alone the end of the year. I wanted to discover things close to home, wherever that was.
The year began with a list of challenges and fun things to try (some too expensive or time-consuming . . . at least for now!) and I continued to add to the list until at last count I’d collected over 120 ideas. I’ll have to keep going if I want to try them all!
Here is a selection (in no particular order) of 52 things I did this year, usually accompanied by my lovely partner, who was very kind to indulge me in my plots and schemes! ❞
A microadventure every week for a year [inwhichi.weebly.com]

Extending the challenge to a microadventure every week for a year, keeping the bigger microadventure for the once monthly objective, looks like both a fun idea and an achievable target.

I have modified In Which I’s list a little for Australian conditions (*), let’s see how we go for a year of microadventure.

After 12/52, I tried to see how many naturally fitted into the calendar rather than forcing the adventures. Not all adventures have posts or photos.


  1. Walk all the way across a country Explore an island *
  2. Sleep among the wildflowers *
  3. 😊 Make hedgerow jam [03/52]
  4. 😊 Watch a meteor shower : Perseid meteor shower Aug-2016 [13/52]
  5. Visit a hill fort [?] *
  6. 😊 Go barefoot [14/52]
  7. 😊 Travel without a map [05/52]
  8. Organise a big, open-invitation picnic
  9. 😊 Go for a walk by the light of the moon [06/52]
  10. 😊 Attend a festival or other interesting event [01/52]
  11. 😊 Walk along the beach from one town to another [15/52]
  12. 😊 Go swimming in a river [16/52]
  13. 😊 Walk to work [17/52]
  14. 😊 Explore a border [08/52]
  15. Take part in bonfire night celebrations ( 2016 Winter Solstice Festival )
  16. 😊 Be a tourist in a(nother) city [09/52]
  17. 😊 Camp in your living room [02/52]
  18. Perform at an open mic night
  19. 😊 Visit a place of historic interest [18/52]
  20. 😊 Climb a tree [19/52]
  21. Enjoy an old fashioned day at the seaside
  22. 😊 Forage for a new (to you) wild food [20/52]
  23. Sleep in a cemetery
  24. 😊 Camp at a proper campsite [21/52]
  25. 😊 Do the 30 Days Wild challenge [12/52]
  26. Walk along a canal
  27. 😊 Cook a new recipe with a new (to you) food [4/52]
  28. 😊 Make an ephemeral piece of art [22/52]
  29. Follow an early settler/pioneer road or pathway *
  30. Go moth trapping
  31. 😊 Volunteer [07/52]
  32. 😊 Hire a (tandem) bike and go cycling [23/52]
  33. 😊 Make a DIY camp stove from a drinks can [Soft drink can alcohol stove] [24/52]
  34. Sleep in a wood
  35. Sleep on a hill
  36. Go cherry picking
  37. 😊 Explore a river from sea to source (or vice versa) Rafting on the Murray River [25/52]
  38. Take a day trip to another country [state?]
  39. Do the Big Pathwatch; On a map with 1 km grid squares, pick one of these squares and walk every footpath in it. *
  40. Spend the night in a folly or ruin
  41. Walk to the coast
  42. Close eyes, point to map, go
  43. Take a friend on their first microadventure
  44. Follow a disused railway line
  45. 😊 Watch the sun rise [10/52]
  46. 😊 Watch the sun set [11/52] More like ‘after sunset’ – Wings for Life World Run 2016
  47. Take afternoon tea under a tarp in the rain
  48. 😊 Go wildlife spotting [11/52]
  49. 😊 Holiday on a boat with a ducky [26/52]
  50. 😊 Do a lunchtime microadventure [27/52]
  51. 😊 Swim in the sea [28/52]
  52. Sleep on a mountain

The Guardian ran a ‘The Do Something‘ series in 2014 and published a handy Great outdoors: a Do Something guide that ties in well with fitting an adventure into an hour or a weekend

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