Microadventure: 1/52 Attend a festival or other interesting event

The challenge to participate in a microadventure every week for a year.
#10. Attend a festival or other interesting event

For countless eons of time the geekly population of Gippsland was without form and purpose, without organization and without a single, unifying event to bring them together to glorify and praise all forms of geek culture. And then into this darkness strode a shining colossus of colossal shininess, and looked upon this dreary situation and declared ‘Let There Be Geekfest’ in words which bore almost no resemblance to thunder.
And there was.
And it was good.

GeekFest 2016 was held at Coal Creek Village, Korrumburra, on Saturday 16th of January. Featuring cosplay, steam punk, LARP, board games, RPGs, collectables and more. 2015 was the inaugural GeekFest, and the 2016 event was the same relaxed atmosphere as the Geeks of Gippland, or visiting Gippsland, came together to wander around the various games, stalls (exhibitors and traders), costumes and activities. We came along dressed for the fun with 3 steampunks and a Phryne ring in.

* VP’s FaceBook Gallery
* Geekfest provides space and social networks for Gippsland’s geeks (2016-Jan-15) [ABC News]
* Knights In Sneakers And Other Fun Anachronisms At Coal Creek Geekfest (2016-Jan-20) [Nerdalicious]
Where both Tracy (parasol for sword) and Kira (Phryne) appear in the photo set

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