TwoBays trail run 2016

TwoBays Event: 2016 TwoBays trail run
Distance: 28km
Date: Sunday the 17th January 2016
Location: Mornington Peninsula from Dromana to Cape Schanck.
Organised by: Big Long Run

The Two Bays run was on the radar as when we were discussing trail running many people would ask ‘have you done Two Bays?’. I think the plans were well in play before determining the qualification runs.

❝ If you can’t complete the 28km in under four hours, or the 56km in under 8 hours you should not enter that event. …
28km Qualification Standards:
Guaranteed Qualification Methods. If you need immediate certainty do one of these.
(a) 2014 or 2015 Two Bays 28km finisher under 4hrs.
(b) Half Marathon under 2h15m in 12 months prior to Jan 17 2016.*** ❞

Having qualified at Afterglow with a 2 hour trail half marathon things were looking good. On the Tuesday before TwoBays I managed to turn a niggling calf/achilles issue into a fully fledged problem and I was unable to walk on Wednesday – not looking good. After plenty of ice and stretching, I managed a gentle run on the Thursday and changed tactics to power walk up hill when required, but run the down hills where the work is moved from the calf to the quads, but still aim for a sub 3 hour run.
Things did not start to plan as I realised that I was in Inverloch, and my short knicks were in Eltham … some fancy measuring an scissor work and my long knicks are now a pair of short knicks – problem solved. We drove over to Safety Beach so we were much closer to the Dromana start line for the Sunday


Down to Dromana nice and early and caught up with the Westerfoldians who were also running the 28km, and a bit of banter with the DCR runners. We were soon on the starting line, there’s a count down, and we are off. Within 50m I’ve lost Barney and Rohan in the crowd and I’m running by myself. From previous experience I know that we start climbing on the bitumen so monitor the pace but keep running, there is some congestion but things are flowing. Not too long and we’re at Bunurong Track and turning into the Two Bays trail proper. The congestion hits at this point and the walk/jog commences.

I was at the top of Arthurs Seat faster than expected, still feeling pretty good, make some time up on the drop of the Seat with a bit of fell-running and settle in. Wave to Tracy just after Seawinds. I picked up a Bacon-Maple gel at the 7.5km aid station (not impressed when I eat it later and only get through half). At Browns Road (10.3km) wave to Tracy – I am now feeling the calf tear, but it is not to bad. Keep hydrated, and keep running. Coming into Green’s Bush I see the first four runners in the 58km event and give them a shout as they pass (how come they look way better than I feel?). To avoid problems I change to the walk the rises run the drops and the calf doesn’t seems to get worse. Around the 16km mark I realise that I should have picked up some electrolyte drink back at the last aid station, too late now, fix it at Boneo road. Barney catches up with me we have a chat and he presses on as I walk a rise.

Into the Boneo road checkpoint (22km), wave to Tracy, pickup some electrolytes and a cup of cold coke 🙂 The Boneo road crowd is loud and I can still hear them 1km later. This next section is a great piece of trail, unfortunately my calf thinks other wise especially as we hit the stairway to heaven section. Mixed group of people walking and people running; some on an alternate pattern to me they run up and walk down, so we are overtaking each other during our run phase. The 3hours has drifted out of reach but the calf is still working so I am reasonably happy, not too long and I can see the finish it’s uphill but who’s not going to run through the finish? 3h 09m and I am receiving the coveted bottle opener medal and a cold can of coke.

Let’s see if we can find a beer to give the opener a work out …

Crunchy with the piquant tang of tea tree trail tan … I’m going to give it 10/10


Footnote: this walk/run strategy must be ok as there are no problems with the calf after the event.

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