This weeks links (2016-01-25)

In brief:

* Parkour enthusiasts converge upon Adelaide for national gathering (2016-Jan-24) [ABC News Adelaide]

* The plot thickens in the ABC’s NBN (lack of) coverage (2016-Jan-22) [PC & Tech Authority]
… Pretending it didn’t, humouring the Coalition in terms of being “fair” rather than breaking down the flaws in their technical argument was doing the public a disservice. Yes, there were problems with Labor’s plan. They were noted and covered by many journalists including Ross. But they paled in comparison to the mess that is the MTM. Almost every promise – from the speeds to the time it would be completed to the cost – have all been broken. Imagine if the public at large knew all this before the 2013 election. The ABC had a duty to cut through the bullshit, like it has done on so many other subjects, from Domestic Violence to Problem Gambling.
In that case, it has failed.

* Best Hikes Around Melbourne (2016-Jan-22) [The Urban List]
Living in the city is great, but sometimes you just need to go get amongst nature, you know? Near Melbourne, there are so many great walking tracks that are within easy reach of a car park or public transport, and here are some of our favourites.





Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Waste-a-Life: Bedroom Suck Records 2016 by bedroom suck records

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