Microadventure: 3/52 Make hedgerow jam

The challenge to participate in a microadventure every week for a year.
#03. Make hedgerow jam

Foraging in the hedgerows in the UK can earn you blackberries, rosehips, haws, sloes, elderberries or rowan berries;

❝ Brambles are actually one of the earlier fruits of the hedgerow crop, delightful, juicy harbingers of the colourful and delicious harvest to come. If you’ve been out and about picking these lovely fruits, I hope you’ll sally forth again and again as the autumn progresses, to gather hips, haws and their wild brethren. They may not have the blackberry’s advantage of being immediate ambulant consumption, but take a hatful home and they can be cooked into all kinds of splendid things. ❞
Where the wild things are: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipes for hedgerow berries (2012-Oct-13) [The Guardian]

In this neck of the woods the rosehips, haws, sloes, elderberries and rowan berries are few and far between and you would be struggling to make a slight snack out of the findings. But we do have blackberries if you look carefully, so this weeks microadventure was a bramble ramble finished off with some jam making in the evening.

hedgerow jam

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