The Vegetable Patch Project I

The last of the January projects was to move and re-establish our vegetable garden so that they are in raised beds, away from the larger trees and easier to water. We have made a great start, but I’m not sure we’ll be planting the larger beds before February.

Vegetable Patch

So far we have one finished raised bed, the base of the second raised bed (we’ll have to let this settle on its bed), and four dual tyre planters. The two tyre planters between the beds have already been reserved for rhubarb and strawberries.

* Summer Vegetable Planting [Yummy Gardens]
Beans, Beetroot, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Rhubarb, Silverbeet, Strawberries, …
* Autumn Vegetable Planting [Yummy Gardens]
Cauliflower, Mint (pot), Onion, Parnsip, Turnip, …

Worm Farm:
We are already running two compost bins, the worm farm could help with a quicker composting process with some of the green waste.
Via Edendale Indigenous Plant Nursery;
* Worm Factory $82.50
* Worms 250g (1000 worms) $35.00 (Please give us 24 hours notice before collecting your worms)

If your going to have a vegetable patch, you are going to want some chickens. In fact the younger members of the mob have been hasling me to get chickens for five or more years.
* Chickens for Sale [Yummy Gardens]

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