January Microadventure

The first month in Alastair Humphreys’ challenge to make 2016 Your Year of Microadventure;

JANJanuary: the crunch month. It’s cold and dark. It would be easy to fail before you even begin. So we’re going to keep it very easy this month. Sleep outdoors one night, any time you like. Sleep in your garden (groundsheet, sleeping mat, duvet, pillow). A snowy or frosty night is perfect for this.
Following the loose framework: Sleep outdoors. Don’t use a tent. Pack light. Plan simple. Seek wildness. Challenge yourself.

Sleep in your garden.
With January panning out the way it has we were running out of days for the January microadventure. It was the 29th Jan, and the 30th was being spent out at ‘Ride the Night’ so no chance of sleep there. Of course having left it so late there was a forecast for thunder, lightning and a fair bit of rain – in fact enough rain for a Flood Watch For Greater Melbourne Catchments to be declared. The good news is that the bivvy bags had arrived on the 28th Jan so they were ready to go. (We chose the AMK SOL Escape Thermo Bivvy waterproof Survival Sleeper as a starting bivvy bag as they were relatively cheap as they were on special.)

microadventure plans

microadventure plans

We used the Outdoor Research bivvy/tarp along with our SOL bivvy bags because there was a bit of rain about. Tracy slept on the protected side and I slept with my head in the open doorway to watch the stars.
The rain mostly held off during the night, but due to the moisture from earlier on Friday and the fog rolling in from 6am the inside of the OR tarp held a fair bit of condensation – the outside of the bivvy bags was dry but the sleeping bags inside were damp (It will be interesting to test this outside of the OR tarp). For a Melbourne summer it was rather cold and damp but the bivvys were very warm in these conditions.


What would I do differently next time?
* book the microadventure towards the start of the month so there is still time left if something goes wrong

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