Ride the Night 2016

RideTheNight Event: 2016 Ride the Night
Distance: 65km
Date: Sunday the 31st January 2016
Location: Melbourne.
Organised by: Bicycle Network

❝ As the clock hits midnight on Sunday 31st January 2016, thousands of riders will take to the streets of Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane to Ride the Night, raising funds to break the cycle of disadvantage. The fun starts at 22:00 Saturday 30th January, with the ride setting off from midnight, you’ll have 7 hours to complete the 65km route touring the city’s most iconic landmarks with entertainment stops along the way for rest, fuel, music and more. ❞

Ride The Night 2016

As Melbourne slept or watched the rain from the comfort of their homes, we were queueing for the start of this year’s Ride the Night – Melbourne.
** Overnight storms put on a show in Melbourne as thunder and lightning moved across the city, but it also caused flash flooding, with up to 50 millimetres falling in some parts of the city. The intense band of rain hit the city between 11:00pm and midnight. **
Starting off at midnight we missed the worst of the storm during the ride, it had dumped its fury on us (and the few thousand other riders) while we waited for our scheduled start while huddling in doorways and under trees hoping to avoid the torrential rain and the lightning.


Riding from Albert Park Lake we completed a quick lap of the lake and then settled in for a further 60km around the now drenched, and in some cases flooded, streets and bike paths of Melbourne. Riding through Melbourne at night was awesome; joining thousands of bikes decked out with flashing lights (some with portable disco music) riding past many of Melbourne’s tourist attractions (Luna Park, CBD nightlife, the Zoo, the Yarra, a ghostly quiet Docklands and the Port of Melbourne). Imagine Melburn Roubaix with fairy lights and you’d pretty much sum up the atmosphere 😉
We arrived back at Albert Park Lake around 5:30am managing to beat the dawn, and enjoyed our hot coffee, and egg & bacon rolls as dawn showed up as a finale.

❝ we’d love to see your bikes lit up with as much light as you can muster. Think fairy lights, glow sticks and multiple bike lights. ❞


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