Tuesday Tunes‬ #214 – All The Old Things

Sunrise Skater Kids – All The Old Things
Ageing ’90s punk kids never fear for there is finally a musical parody to sum up the living paradox that is your life in the form on Sunrise Skater Kids‘ All The Old Things. If you used to hang out at the skate park and now you play golf on the weekend this song is not only for you, it’s about you.
The song features lyrics like “I’m packing lunch for a trip on my Winnebago” and “I’m getting old, I just found my first grey hair”, all sung in the melody of classic ’90s pop punk anthems like Fat Lip by Sum 41 and I’m Just A Kid by Simple Plan.


And the break down is;
0:00 – Fall Out Boy (Dance, Dance)
0:08 – Lit (My Own Worst Enemy)
0:17 – Sum 41 (Fat Lip)
0:26 – Blink 182 (The Rock Show)
0:36 – Simple Plan (I’m Just a Kid)
0:49 – Bowling For Soup (1985)
1:00 – The Offspring (You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid)
1:07 – Cartel (Honestly)
1:13 – All American Rejects (Dirty Little Secret)
1:26 – Avril Lavigne (Sk8ter Boi)
1:42 – Motion City Soundtrack (Everything is Alright)
1:53 – New Found Glory (My Friends Over You)
2:05 – NOFX (Don’t Call Me White)
2:17 – Good Charlotte (The Anthem)
2:29 – Green Day (American Idiot)
2:50 – Paramore (Misery Business)
3:01 – All Time Low (Dear Maria, Count Me In)
3:13 – Jimmy Eat World (The Middle)
3:24 – Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We’re Going Down)
3:46 – Yellowcard (Ocean Avenue)
3:59 – Blink 182 (All The Small Things)

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