George Bass Coastal Half Marathon 2016

kilcunda Event: George Bass Coastal Half Marathon 2016
Distance: 21km
Date: Sunday the 07th February 2016
Location: Kilcunda
Organised by: Running Wild

Victoria’s Bass Coast offers fantastic trail running for people wanting to experience coastal trail running at its best. Located only 90 minutes from Melbourne on the Bass Highway, Kilcunda offers access to Philip Island, Inverloch, Wonthaggi and a host of other destinations to explore after the run.

Mission accomplished! 2h 46m half marathon. 21for21.
Happy anniversary Tracy Clark

*guest post by Mrs VP*

It was my first ever half marathon and, rather sentimentally, Darren and I were running it together to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary (21 for 21). We had gone canyoning for our 10th anniversary, run my first ever 10km run for our 20th and I had wondered whether this was an achievable challenge for our 21st or whether it was just a dream. Darren believed in me and together we made it real.
After a training run on the 16 km course, I realised that this was going to be much harder than I had expected and, while continuing to train, I was also beginning to panic. However, on the day, as people gathered, it felt informal and friendly, like the start of a 21 km parkrun. It continued to feel that way as we ran, with faster runners encouraging us slower runners as they passed us coming back from the turnaround points, slower runners cheering and clapping the faster runners as we watched them fly past us with beautiful running styles, and the volunteers and SES providing support and encouragement (and lollies, water and fruit!).
A friend of mine has expressed the philosophy that running slowly means you’re getting the most run for your entry fee, so I decided to adopt that idea and just enjoy the run. Though I still had a goal of 3 hours (in my head) or 3 hours 15 minutes (expressed) so wasn’t planning on going TOO slowly.
I knew from the training run, that I was going to struggle on the hills so made the decision from the start to walk the uphills and run the flats and downhills. This seemed to work, both in that I was able to maintain a good speed when not going uphill, and that I didn’t feel that I had failed when I dropped back to a walk.
The views were spectacular, the hills were hard, the sand sections were soft, and that last kilometre was very long. Darren was incredibly supportive, both mentally and physically, making sure I drank every walked hill, and giving me lollies when I was flagging. Additionally, we had our very own cheer squad as family members had come out to support us as we ran and it was such a boost to the morale each time we passed Gwen, Jodi, Fran, Kira and Liam, as they cheered us through the start, 5km mark, 13km turnaround and at the finish. Although I finished near the back of the pack, they made me feel like a superstar.
Thank you Darren for doing this with me, and with your encouragement and support, we did a much better time than I had hoped for, at 2 hours 46 minutes.

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