This weeks links (2016-02-15)

In brief:

* The hashtag conundrum: how should journalists negotiate public and private on social media? (2016-Feb-12) [The Conversation]

* The Politics We Deserve (Summer 2015) [Meanjin]
A long read from Katharine Murphy, but worth the time;

❝… The second is we really have to stop banging on about the death of reform, as if this phrase means something. It sounds portentous, but it’s actually fatuous. The ‘death of reform’ discussion is a proxy for the slow death of mansplaining. It’s a respectable-looking concept that allows querulous outrage to substitute for analysis.
Read the Australian newspaper and what you’ll get most days is a cohort of white middle-aged men raising a collective fist at a universe with the temerity to tolerate dissent and interruption. Why can’t things be as they were, in the days when power was a closed shop? Why must the system (whatever that is) be broken? To overcome its current challenges, Australian politics has to go back to its roots, and by that I mean back to people. … ❞

* Deadpool’s success accelerates the inevitable: total geek domination (2016-Feb-14) [The Guardian]

* Life is not like Instagram: I’m a Tortoise (2016-Feb-17) [Medium]

* Best Melbourne city walks for tourists (2016-Feb-11) [Man vs World]

* Gear [Soul Trekkers]
People often ask what’s in my backpack. Below is a list of the gear I carried 3000km on the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. There have been a few tweaks since then but this list will give you a general idea.


* Salomon Running TV Season 5 Trailer
Salomon Running TV is back for a 5th season with a new series of short films from around the world.



Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Road of Resistance by BABYMETAL

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