Sunset Series 2016 – R2 – Princes Park

SunsetSeries 2016 Event: Sunset Series 2016 – R2 – Princes Park
Distance: 8km
Date: Wednesday the 17th February 2016
Location: Princes Park
Organised by: Sole Motive Events

This iconic Melbourne location will be transformed with great food from Melbourne’s finest food trucks, live music at , a Sunset Bar and chill our area to relax after your run: just some of the many reasons why this is one of Melbourne’s favourite events. Grab your friends, make a night of it and celebrate fitness in style.

The weather Gods smiled favourably on us once again and the Westerfoldians gathered en mass to discuss the merits of code:green. Although starting in the middle of wave two there was less congestion that R1 at the Zoo, although the remainder of the run was spent weaving through slower runners and walkers which was part of the plan as you really need to concentrate on maintaining your own pace and not settling into the pace of those around you (TIP: if there are waves and you are walking, please don’t line up at the front of wave one). A pleasant flat course with enough twists and turns to stay interesting. A nice midweek hit out finishing up with 35m37.9s



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