**Autumn Challenge – 01/03/16 – 31/05/16**

goodreads The Aussie Readers group on Goodreads has the **Autumn Challenge – 1st March- 31st May 2016**;

To coincide with certain events across Australia during Autumn we’ll match our book choices to them …

#1. You need to complete a minimum of nine (three per month) from the categories listed above to finish this challenge. One read – one book for each category.
#2. List (and LINK) your choice of books for the challenge.
#3. Upon completion of a book, rate it and update your progress…
#4. Don’t forget the guidelines HERE

Challenge yourself to choose more Aussie authors than are stipulated – see how many you can!
Enjoy your AUTUMN reading…

#1. Labour Day (March in some states)
Choose a book whose lead characters are workers in construction, office, health, police force or teachers. Please mention their occupation when you post your list

Clean Up Australia Day (6th March)
#2. REDUCE – Read a book from your TBR shelf

Clean Up Australia Day (6th March)
#3. RECYCLE – Read any book from the library

#4. International Women’s Day (8th March)
Read a book with a strong female character

#5. St Patrick’s Day (17th March)
Choose a book with a GREEN COVER OR is set in Ireland/has Irish characters

#6. Easter (25th-28th March)
Choose a book that YOU would associate with Easter…explain why you’ve chosen that particular book when posting your choice

#7. ANZAC Day (25th April)
Read a book with connections to the Military – Fiction or Non Fiction – Aussie author

Gallipoli Sniper John Hamilton – Gallipoli Sniper: The Life Of Billy Sing
The Anzac battlefield on Gallipoli was made for snipers. Scrub, cliffs, spurs and hills meant that both Anzac and Turkish positions often overlooked one another. The unwary or unlucky were prey to snipers on both sides, and the sudden crack of a gunshot and instant death were an ever-present menace. The most successful and most feared sniper of the Gallipoli campaign was Billy Sing, a Light Horseman from Queensland, who was almost unique among the Australian troops in having a Chinese-born father. A combination of patience, stealth and an amazing eye made him utterly deadly, with the incredible – and horrifying – figure of over 200 credited ‘kills’. John Hamilton has written an extraordinary account of a hidden side of the campaign – the snipers’ war. Following Sing from his recruitment onwards, Hamilton takes us on a journey into the squalor, dust, blood and heroism of Gallipoli, seen from the unique viewpoint of the sniper. Gallipoli Sniper is a powerful and very different account of war and its effect on those who fight.
(Media: Dead tree)

#8. Mother’s Day (8th May)
Read a book depicting mothers/grandmothers and family

#9. The Captain Cook 1770 Festival (May)
Read an Historical Fiction novel set around our early settlement days – Aussie author

#10. Colours of Autumn
Choose a book which has the words, red, gold, brown, orange or yellow in the title OR whose cover is primarily one of those colours

OPTIONAL: #11, #12, #13 – Finish the challenge with at least three books from your TBR list – Just because you can!!

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  1. I was looking for a better place to ask this question. That is would you give me permission to republish a post of yours from a few years back? I’m referring to this one: https://visibleprocrastinations.wordpress.com/2009/09/21/my-change-journey/

    I would like to republish it over on Learning from Dogs. If granted, I will fully link it back to your blog; of course!

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