Microadventure: 7/52 Volunteer

The challenge to participate in a microadventure every week for a year.
#31. Volunteer
As a Venturer Scout leader my week already includes a fair amount of volunteer work. This week I also assisted our Joey Scouts with their “Our Earth, – providing Natural Energy” program. Much fun entails, dragging out my science kit from under the house, grabbing the lab coat from the cupboard, and organising a few interactive experiments to work through with the Joeys.

Although it was a very warm evening the Joeys really got into the spirit of the night. The experiments that we worked through were;
* Centrifugal Force
* Lemon Voltaic Battery
* Oxygen Fuels Fire
* Static Electricity from Balloons
* Heat from Friction
* Vinegar + Bicarbonate reaction to inflate a balloon

With Venturer Scout being 14.5 – 18 years of age, and Joey Scouts being 6-8 years of age, there is a very big difference working with this younger age group, and a very different skill set used for interaction during the program. I thoroughly recommend mixing up your volunteering so that things stay fresh and you don’t get into a rut.


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