Microadventure: 8/52 Explore a border

The challenge to participate in a microadventure every week for a year.
#14. Explore a border

The “explore a border” theme interpreted pretty broadly to be the borders of a park, or natural borders. Because it is such a broad interpretation there are two for the price of one.

1.) Explore the borders of the Sherbrooke parcel of the Dandenong Ranges National Park (11.8km trail run)
A great circuit with the Lysterfield Trail Runners starting and finishing in Belgrave. I had thought that this adventure might tick off the “Watch the sun rise” microadventure but the weather didn’t want to play and we didn’t see the sun at all during the morning due to a heavy fog layer.


2.) Explore the border of Sugarloaf Reservoir (15km trail run)
A Westerfoldian trail run around Sugarloaf Reservoir. Westerfoldiansugarloafians … try that Mary Poppins!


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