This weeks links (2016-04-25)

In brief:

* Papua New Guinea court rules detention of asylum seekers on Manus unconstitutional (2016-Apr-26) [Guardian]
Supreme court orders PNG and Australian governments to immediately move people out of detention centre on Manus island

* Lycra, cyclists and cafes: acceptable or controversial? (2016-Apr-28) [Executive Style]

* The road to hell is paved with SAML Assertions (2016-Apr-27) [Economy of mechanism]
A vulnerability in Microsoft Office 365 SAML Service Provider implementation allowed for cross domain authentication bypass affecting all federated domains. An attacker exploiting this vulnerability could gain unrestricted access to a victim’s Office 365 account, including access to their email, files stored in OneDrive etc.

* Twitter says barely anyone disables its algorithmic timeline (2016-Apr-26) [The Verge]
There are a few particulars at play. Some Twitter mobile users may not have even realized they were using the algorithmic timeline, despite Twitter turning it on by default for all users last month. There’s also no easy way to deactivate the feature unless you go actively looking for it. To turn it off, you have to go to your settings panel, click on “Account” and uncheck the box that reads, “Show me the best Tweets first.” On mobile, you have to navigate to settings, tap on “Timeline,” and uncheck the same box.


* London Marathon 2016
The winner of the men’s race, Eliud Kipchoge, set a course record (and the second-fastest marathon time ever) of 2:03:05 for the 42.2km averaging 2:52/km!


* 2016 Liège-Bastogne-Liège [OGE]

* How the Race Was Won: 2016 Liège-Bastogne-Liège

* Nicole Cooke: welcome to the world of elite cycling where sexism is by design (2016-Apr-25) [Guardian]
In readiness for the 2012 Olympics, the McLaren Formula One team were commissioned to produce special bikes for the British riders to take advantage of every possible “marginal and aerodynamic gain”. Which was good if you were a man but, of course, women were excluded. Custom-fit bikes were produced not only for every British male road rider but also for every member of the reserves. None were made available for the women’s road team. So Lizzie Armitstead was in the invidious position of her boyfriend [Adam Blythe], a reserve on the men’s team having the latest bike, while she was left, like myself, without access to this advantage. What would have happened if she had spoken out? I was certainly persona non-grata at British Cycling. She just had to look at my circumstance to see the consequences.

* Upcoming cycling on SBS (2016-Apr-8) [SBS: Cycling Central]
Giro d’Italia – Friday 6 May – Sunday 29 May SBS/HD – All stages live.
Tour de France – Saturday 2 July – Sunday 24 July SBS/HD – All stages live.

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Nomade Orquestra by Nomade Orquestra

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