This weeks links (2016-05-02)

In brief:

* Game of Thrones season six: Australia tops world in illegal downloads (2016-Apr-26) [Guardian]
Australia records 12.5% of first episode’s piracy via BitTorrent, India comes second, followed by the US and the UK
Who would have guessed?

* Do fitness trackers really work? (2016-Apr-07) [ABC News]
Fitness trackers are the accessory of the moment for the aspirationally active — you can see them dangling from wrists and pinned to belts everywhere.

* The case of the zombie roadkill (2016-Apr-19) [Life on the verge]
Why is this interesting? Well, we’ve always known that counting roadkill for small animals was difficult. Squirrel gliders are small and, rather inconveniently, exactly the same colour as the pavement. This means they’re tricky to spot. Now that we know they can end up 100s of km from the place they’re hit, roadkill counts are looking like an even less reliable measure for this species. And it turns out that this isn’t unique to squirrel gliders. Animals as big as koalas have been found wedged under the bumpers of cars or trucks. So when it comes to understanding the impacts of roads, or selecting places where crossing structures should go, it seems that a carcass on the roadside only tells part of the story.


* B.E.P. #59a- Joe Friel – CEO of Joe Friel and world renowned triathlon coach. (2016-May-04) []

* B.E.P. #59b- Joe Friel – CEO of Joe Friel and world renowned triathlon coach. (2016-May-04) []



* Upcoming cycling on SBS (2016-Apr-8) [SBS: Cycling Central]
Giro d’Italia – Friday 6 May – Sunday 29 May SBS/HD – All stages live.
Tour de France – Saturday 2 July – Sunday 24 July SBS/HD – All stages live.

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Expo by Anchorsong

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