Longest Run 2016 – Melbourne

Event: Longest Run 2016 – Melbourne
Distance: 7 x 5km
Date: Sunday the 19th June 2016
Location: Starting at Jells Park finishing at Albert Park
Organised by: Longest run Australia

It’s Melbourne’s turn to hold a longest run event. 7 freedom runs in one day, Starting at Jells at 7am and finishing at Albert Park.
We will take in some flat and some hilly courses. It will be fun.
There is absolutely *no* requirement to run all 7 parkruns… you can do any number. We strongly recommend car pooling where possible.
***All runs will be parkrun freedom runs. No official results will be sent and completed runs will not go towards your parkrun run counts***
Each event will run as follows:
– Before running each parkrun, a volunteer will explain the course to anyone who isn’t familiar with it.
– All runners will SELF TIME. Your times will not be recorded by volunteers. 50 minutes have been allowed for each parkrun to ensure we have enough time to get through all 7 courses.
– It would be great if runners could wait/cheer on the last runners before travelling to the next location
*** Timetable for the Day ***
1. Jells Park starting @ 7:00am
2. Westerfolds Park starting @ 8:30am
3. Coburg Lake starting @ 10:00am
4. Maribyrnong starting @ 11:30am
5. Parkville starting @ 1:00pm
6. Studley Park starting @ 2:30pm
7. Albert Park starting @ 4:00pm

The concern on the lead up to the Longest Run was how to approach the event, in a standard 35km run your body metabolism changes so that you move from sugars and start burning fat. With the gaps between the runs, what feeding would you require – the decision was taken to treat the Longest Run like a mini Trailwalker where each break was a check point and not like a marathon. There was also a big question mark on the impact of the breaks on muscle cool down and how this would impact during the day. (Cramps anyone?). There was also a general opinion that it would be best to rotate shoes and change into fresh clothing during the day to keep focused.

In the end, different people approached the day with differing strategies. Some started fast and stayed fast; some came for a few of the runs, some came for all; some picked a slower (marathon) tempo and continued at that tempo all day.

Jells Park 7:00am 46 Participants
Westerfolds Park 8:30am 74 Participants
Coburg Lake 10:00am 68 Participants
Maribyrnong 11:30am 56 Participants

Parkville 1:00pm 44 Participants
Studley Park 2:30pm 50 Participants
Albert Park 4:00pm 46 Participants

And here’s a photo of the crew that completed all seven runs.

This was a great event with an awesome vibe, great interactions between the participants, and a really good event coordination. Should you do it next year? Yes you should!

★ Flickr 2016-Jun-19 : Longest Run 2016 – Melbourne

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