Pokémon Go, get off my lawn?

Have you seen the negative posts regarding Pokémon Go that have cropped up as the technical savvy take up this month’s game du jour? The posts do seem to come from a stereotypical demographic; but here’s another viewpoint from an older white male who is comfortable with a digital technology driven environment.


As with many technologies, an introduction via a gaming platform soon becomes an embed and ubiquitous technology very quickly.

Yes, feel safe to ignore mobile apps and developing AR techniques, but only if you are in you final job rotation within your career and are looking towards retirement. If you ignore geo-location technology, augmented reality (AR), and the mobile app environment as ‘get of my lawn’ technology you are positioning yourself alongside lamplighters, switchboard operators, and elevator operators; not a career path to be recommended.

Pokemon Go may inspire someone to create the next AR tele-medicine application, or the server issues inspire the creation of the next high availability load balancer; that is a path for the future.

If some one drops the “get off my lawn” post in your timeline, feel free to post back “enjoy your retirement” 😉

❝ Technology is changing fast than ever, and with that, the job market. With Australians changing jobs more frequently than ever (averaging 3 jobs per decade), and with new industries and careers emerging faster than ever (social media, digital advertising, and the apps industry’s emergence in the last decade), it is an interesting challenge to future-proof careers.❞ — Future Proofing Careers: Embracing the Ever-Changing Job Market (McCrindle, 2013)

❝ 44% of Australian jobs (5.1 million current jobs) are at risk from digital disruption in the next 20 years, and 75% of Australia’s fastest growing occupations require STEM Skills – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. ❞ — Future proofing careers: How to stay relevant for tomorrow’s workforce (McCrindle, 2016)

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