This weeks links (2016-08-08)

This week’s delay brought to your by the letter F, for flu.

In brief:

* ABS census shows spectacular diminution of our once mighty public sector (2016-Aug-11) [AFR]

You can take your pick of who you think should be blamed for the problems of the 2016 census: Malcolm Turnbull – because he is prime minister and prime ministers get blamed for everything these days; the responsible minister, Michael McCormack – despite the fact he had only been in the job for three weeks; the former frontbenchers responsible,Alex Hawke and Kelly O’Dwyer; perhaps the parliamentary secretary before her, Steve Ciobo; the Australian Bureau of Statistics itself; or its IT consultants including IBM.
But it is worth noting that the ABS has been the subject of a long-term degradation in its capacity under both sides of politics. A sign of the neglect – even contempt – in which the bureau seemed to be held by the Abbott government was that the job of chief statistician was left empty for almost a year until it was filled by David Kalisch in December 2014.
It has lost hundreds of millions of dollars from its budget in recent years and hundreds of people over the best part of a decade. In January 2014 it sought a $300 million bailout, arguing that its financial position left it “with barely enough cash to keep the lights on”.

* Matthew Mercer and Green Ronin Announce the Critical Role Campaign Setting! (2016-Aug-08) [Geek & Sundry]
This morning, Green Ronin Publishing gave a press release on the announcement. There, he clarifies some important points. The first book in the series will detail the continent of Tal’Dorei, where most of Vox Machina’s adventures take place. That continent includes the cities of Kraghammer, Emon, Whitestone, and others, giving GMs insight on his world straight from the mind of Mercer. The book, titled Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, is scheduled to release in Spring 2017 and use 5th edition rules, just like in the Critical Role show.





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