This weeks links (2016-09-12)

In brief:



* #UTA22 or #UTA50 for 2017? Now that really is a good question
( Ultra-Trail Australia : May 18 – May 21, 2017 – Katoomba, NSW )

* When Races go to Sh*t (2016-Sep-12) [Ultra186]
Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Trained our nuts off, feeling quietly confident at the start line; you set off and even the first few kilometers just feel an absolute struggle. Have I overtrained? Have I undertrained? Did I get my taper right? Is it all in my head? Am I looking for any excuse in the book? Who’s knows… for some reason, our races can just go to shit without any explanation.

* Trail Run Mag goes to print quarterly (2016-Sep-11) [Trail Run Mag]
So here’s the plan. We’ll launch in coming weeks (late September 2016), a Pozible campaign to rouse enough interest via your subscriptions to push the print button. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for one or two years, with a whole bunch of added extras to choose from, not the least one of our awesome One Life. Many Trails. t-shirts (new design!) or take up one of our Smartwool trail running sock and
subscription offers!


* Giro di Lombardia is coming to SBS (2016-Sep-13) [SBS | Cycling Central]
Giro di Lombardia LIVE: Saturday 1 October from 2340 – 0200 AEDT, SBS TV and streaming online

Some reading/listening:

* Ray Bradbury – All Summer in a Day
A short story originally published in the March 1954 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
❝ It had been raining for seven years; thousand upon thousands of days compounded and filled from one end to the other with rain, with the drum and gush of water, with the sweet crystal fall of showers and the concussion of storms so heavy they were tidal waves come over the islands. A thousand forests had been crushed under the rain and grown up a thousand times to be crushed again. And this was the way life was forever on the planet Venus, and this was the schoolroom of the children of the rocket men and women who had come to a raining world to set up civilization and live out their lives. ❞

Something from Bandcamp:
Sélébéyone by Sélébéyone

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