Tuesday Tunes‬ #224 – New releases from Amanda Palmer

jib New releases from Amanda Palmer
JIB is a new rock musical and “live film” made by our friend michael mcquilken. michael’s been a longtime collaborator of mine and jason webley’s – and for those of you who are unfamiliar with jason, he’s one of my very best friends. back in 2009 we created a bizarre conceptual musical/album called “Evelyn Evelyn” (in which we play conjoined twins….it’s still one of my favorite records, you can listen to it on bandcamp HERE.) we’ve also toured together a lot, and we love writing songs as a team, it’s one of our ways to bond as friends. he’s also – more recently – ash’s godfather.
the threads go way back…jason and i originally met while street performing in australia in 2001, and we bonded over our love of weird theater. jason tipped me off to michael’s work (they knew each other from the seattle scene, where michael was also a touring drummer in jason’s band) in around 2006, when I was performing at the Edinburgh fringe festival. in a tiny blackbox theater, i witnessed michael’s one-man production called “A Day In Dig Nation”. he’d written it, directed it, scored it, and was basically a one-man box of insane theater tricks. I felt a massive resonance with his work – it was dark and funny, a scathing commentary about social isolation and the synchronicities of life, and love and time. … contd.
we are the media.

And now for some music …

♫ Sketches For the Musical JIB by Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley

♫ On the Door by Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean

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