** October 2016 Challenge – Home Sweet Home Challenge **

goodreads The Aussie Readers group on Goodreads has the October – Home Sweet Home Challenge;

For our October Challenge we’re going to hang around home for a while! Let’s see how well we go!
#1. You need to complete three of the five categories listed below to finish this challenge. One read one book for each category.
#2. If you live in Australia at least two of your choices will be by Aussie authors – if you live elsewhere make at least one of them by an Aussie author.
#3. List and LINK all the books you plan to read for this challenge.
#4. Upon completion of a book, rate it and update your progress.

#1. Setting: Read a book set anywhere in your country.
allrivers01 Nancy Cato – A River Not Yet Tamed
Philadelphia Gordon is an artist, a riverboat skipper, a beautiful and independent woman. Orphaned by a shipwreck, Philadelphia grows up on the banks of her beloved Murray River, seemingly destined for a conventional life. But tragedy leads her first to a successful career as a painter, then to marriage to the dashing captain of the paddle-steamer that bears her name. This epic novel, set against the panoramic countryside and winding rivers of Australia, is her story, as powerful and unforgettable as its heroine.
(Media: audiobook)
Series: All the Rivers Run, Book 1
VERDICT: ★★★.★
Having memories of the TV series this book feels like an introduction for book 2 as we have ended up in Echuca, but the paddle steamers are still a background item at this stage.

PS Pevensey used as the PS Philadelphia in the TV mini series All The Rivers Run

#2 Cover Hunt: Read a book where the cover is the colour of a room in your house. (At least 50%)

#3 Title: Read a book where either the words “house”, “home”, or the name of your town/city/state/country or the name of a room appear in the title. (An example of a book with the name of a room is The Kitchen House )

#4 Home Author: Read a book by an author living in your country.
allrivers02 Nancy Cato – Time, Flow Softly
In the second book of Nancy Cato’s All The Rivers Run series, Philadelphia “Delie” Gordon has grown a deep attachment to the Murray River while living in the town of Ecucha. She becomes owner of paddle-steamer and falls for a handsome young man named Brenton, and they raise their family aboard the boat. It seems like the perfect life, but Delie soon wishes to escape the norms of her conventional life, finding an outlet in her painting. Delie’s frustrations and aspirations are given enormous depth thanks to Kate Hosking, who projects an unflappable strength that echoes the remarkable protagonist.
(Media: audiobook)
Series: All the Rivers Run, Book 2

#5 Reader’s Choice: Read any book of your choice.
tales Bill Wannan – Tales from back o’Bourke
Bill Wannan’s Tales from back o’Bourke : traditional Australian humour.
New chums, bosses and braggarts have long been traditional butts of Australian humour.
Tall stories, yarns, ditties and ballads about these and many other colourful characters from the great Australian outback have been brought together in this hilarious omnibus edition. Previously called ‘Great Book of Australian Humour’, it combines Bill Wannan’s original ‘Tales From Back o’ Bourke’ with ‘Bullockies, Beauts and Bandicoots’.

(Media: dead tree)
This one was a re read, and although a little stilted in its writing style was still as enjoyable as I remember it from my youth.

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