Sweat vs Steam 2016

sweat-vs-steam Event: Sweat vs. Steam
Date: Sunday the 9th October 2016
Location: Echuca
Distances: 5km run/walk and a 12km run
Organised by: Bendigo YMCA

The Sweat vs Steam fun run/walk is a 12.5km fun run or a 5km run/walk starting at the Hopwood Gardens in Echuca/Moama. Race against Echuca’s oldest paddlesteamer in operation today, as she plows along the mighty Murray River. The event is organised by the Bendigo YMCA and is a community event.

Sweat vs Steam 12 km.
There was the plan “to win the teams 12km”, there were two teams, there was the road trip … then there were the changes to the teams, the course, but there was still the road trip!

❝ In 2016, a crack(ed) running unit was organised by a Facebook group for a race for which they took some time to commit. These men promptly avoided ITB, plantar fasciitis, and runners knee by embracing the hills in the Westerfoldian underground. Today, freshly registered, they survive as runners of fortune. If you have a problem… if you can use redacted as a password… and if you can find them… maybe you run with… The B-Team.❞

Starting the weekend off on Friday night at the Castlemaine Railway Hotel where we discovered an great variety of local craft beers on tap, and the large parma’s that would build into the Zombie Chicken jokes to appear later in the weekend. The first run of the weekend was the Castlemaine parkrun where we managed to place seven runners into the top ten. After a pleasant breakfast it was off to Bendigo for a freedom run on their parkrun course. It was then off to Echuca to pick up our race bibs.

After a three course changes due to flooding on the original course, and a change of paddle steams from the PS Pevensey to the PS Adelaide, the course settled down to be 2016 Sweat v Steam Alternate Route 3. An issue was that 12km runners needed to grab a wrist band (elastic band) each time they turned for a new lap. Although there were 3 marshals handing them out you can see the impact this caused in the Strava pace graph … this became a bigger problem as the faster runners mixed into the slower runners as the marshals did not seem to be able to tell the faster paced runners, that said it was still a great run and even though it was laps on a circuit the course was interesting enough to be a fun course.

My initial plan had been to negative split the race, but this plan was revised after a fast first km to having a fast third, slower third, and then come home fast … it sort of worked.


In the end, I was the slowest runner for the “A Team” and we did mange to take away the prize in the 12km teams competition. Simon had a great run placing 3rd overall, Chris managed 5km and 10km PBs during the run, and Geoff had a solid race as well. This was followed up with a well earned breakfast back at the ‘bachelor pad’ before the trip home via Heathcote.


★ Flickr Sweat vs Steam roadtrip 2016

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