Melbourne Marathon Festival : Half Marathon 2016

melbourne-marathon-festival Event: Melbourne Marathon Festival : Half Marathon 2016
Date: Sunday the 16th October 2016
Location: Melbourne
Distances: Half Marathon
Organised by: Melbourne Marathon

While Melbourne’s list of sporting events includes internationally renowned cricket matches, football games and tennis tournaments, the Melbourne Marathon is considered the most popular marathon held in the city. Thousands of enthusiastic participants come and take part in this renowned event, with the event welcoming participants of all ages and abilities to participate.
Thousands of spectators come together in Melbourne to cheer on all the participants during the big race, with the Melbourne Marathon one of the largest marathon events held in the country.
The Melbourne Marathon was originally started back in 1978. In 2007, a new course was developed for the race – starting and ending at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (the MCG).
Additional to the thousands that participate in the full 42km marathon, over tens of thousands of people run the half marathon. There are also course options for novice runners at lengths of 3km, 5.7km and 10km. The race course route goes through some of the most notable and scenic areas of Melbourne; including the Royal Botanic Gardens, Albert Park Lake and the beaches of Port Phillip Bay.

Melbourne Marathon Festival : Half Marathon 2016.
Let’s start of with the big question, “Are you supposed to get 400m and 5km PBs in your half marathon?

Having planned for a crowd at the MCG, Tracy and I caught the train to Jolimont on caught up with the other Westerfoldian’s at gate 1 where the half marathon baggage drop was situated. After some chatting I entered the queue to drop of the clothing bag, and shuffled with the queue, and shuffled with the queue, … by the time I exited more than half of the team had already made their way to the start line (smart move). As we made our way to the start line Tracy needed a toilet stop so having delayed her already I stayed with her and we made our way to the start with minutes to spare. Due to these delays we were not able to meet up with anyone in the team so rather than pushing forward I decided to start with Tracy, run with her for a while, and then weave through the pack at my own tempo. I ran with Tracy for about 600m after the start banner, and then it was time to let her have her own race and think about mine.

First thoughts, I’m way off my pace group – some of these runners are 2h30m pace and we are only in the first kilometer. Time to weave and find some holes. And this was basically the first 14km of running, find a hole or free space and us it – this meant running through the trams stops, down the median strips, playing with the street furniture, parkour! I did fade somewhat at the end, I could feel it occur as we turned onto Linlithgow Ave, and expect this was due to poor feed choices (couldn’t be under-training could it? *chuckle*). Then the next stage was through to the finish at the MCG and time to catch up with, and cheer in, the large number of Westerfoldians, family and friends completing their runs. And what a great result – Westerfodians came in 15th in the team’s event (9th Social-Mixed team)

Back to the original question; not just 400m and 5km PBs but PBs across the board. Well ok, not true PBs, but as I’m never going to run like the junior me ever again I’ll accept them as ‘age group PBs’.

My Bad:
1.) Poor sock choice, and perhaps an unwise shoe choice? Quite a bit of friction as the feet swelled resulting in blood blisters that needed treatment by Monday morning.
2.) I had a GU chew at about 14.5km, this should have been a gel, and should have been earlier

★ Flickr 2016-10-16 Melbourne Marathon Festival : Half Marathon 2016
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: 2016 Melbourne Marathon Festival Half

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