This weeks links (2016-10-31)

Life is a Daring Adventure ...

In brief:

* 15 Words Every Outdoor Lover Should Know (But Doesn’t) (2016-May-26) [Outdoors]
Five great ones to start off with;
✎ Að nenna (Icelandic, v.): The ability or willingness to persevere through tasks that are hard or boring
✎ Erlebnis (German, n.): Living fully, experiencing life deeply and intensely in the here and now
✎ Peiskos (Norwegian, n.): lit. ‘Fireplace coziness,’ sitting in front of a crackling fireplace enjoying the warmth
✎ Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) (Japanese, n.): ‘Bathing’ in the forest (literally and/or metaphorically)
✎ Uitwaaien (Dutch, v.): lit. ‘To walk in the wind’; to go out into the countryside (e.g., clear one’s head)

* The Official Tourism Website of the Mornington Peninsula – All Walks


* Running Snake Safety (2016-Oct-06) [nok-kon]

* Choosing the right bandage for treating snakebite (2015-Jan-07) [Wild]



Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Vault of Angels by Medina / Walsh

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