2016 Virtual Run for the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF)

imp-2016 Event: 2016 Virtual Run for the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF)
Date: November 2016
Location: Virtual
Distances: You can choose from 3km, 5km, 10km, 21.1km, 42.2km, 50km, 75km, 100km or 150km. You can complete the distances in one go, or cumulatively over the month of November.
Organised by: Indigenous Marathon Foundation
The IMF is an Australian initiative that supports Indigenous men and women to run the New York Marathon, inspiring a nation and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.
Each year, the IMF selects a group of young Indigenous men and women and trains them to run the New York Marathon. Their journeys can change not only their lives, but the lives of the people around them and their communities. The IMF was founded by marathon legend Rob de Castella in 2010. You can visit the IMF here and see all the amazing work they do.
A Virtual Run is a Fun Run you can do at any time, anywhere – and receive a Finisher’s Medal, as if you had attended a ‘real life’ Fun Run! All you have to do is Register, pay the fee, run your distance and receive your medal in the post!


I’ve signed on for the 50km Virtual Run, and placed a restriction that the distance can only be recorded if it is not run as part of an event (eg. a Fun Run doesn’t count, but the return from the Fun Run would count, parkruns count).

2016-11-01 : Virtual Run kilometer count begins : This run 0.0km : Virtual total 0.0km
2016-11-03 : Run for the Firies course (Westerfoldians practice run) : 10.5km : 10.5km
2016-11-05 : Karkarook parkrun launch : 5.0km : 15.5km
2016-11-06 : And back down again : 6.4km : 21.9km
2016-11-12 : Inverloch parkrun #116 : 5.0km : 26.9km
2016-11-19 : Inverloch parkrun #117 : 5.0km : 31.9km
2016-11-26 : Studley parkrun #40 : 5.0km : 36.9km
2016-11-26 : Studley CD : 0.5km : 37.4km
2016-11-28 : World Wide Companion Run 2016 : 5.5km : 42.9km
2016-11-30 : Blowing out the candles of November : 10.2km : 53.1km

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