Arthurs Seat Challenge 2016

arthurs-seat-challenge Event: Arthurs Seat Challenge 2016
Date: Sunday the 6th November 2016
Location: Rosebud
Distances: 6.7km
Organised by: Arthurs Seat Challenge
The Arthurs Seat Challenge is a 6.7km run/walk, held annually since 2002 to promote the profile of the ‘Fit to Drive Program’ and raise funds to enable the program’s continuation. The Arthurs Seat Challenge is a wonderful annual event, especially for families, schools and sporting groups to come together and raise community awareness about the overrepresentation of young people in road crashes. Overtime, the community, through this combined action has successfully educated young people about safer road use.

Arthurs Seat - Map

Arthurs Seat Challenge 2016.
The Arthurs Seat Challenge is quite unusual as from about 1.5km into the run you start to climb and really don’t stop climbing until you arrive in the finish straight. The objective for this year was to aim for a a 35 minute run, with some trialing of some climbing techniques on the switchbacks.

As a community run there is some interesting self seeding that occurs at the start, so unless you are toeing the start line you will be weaving around slower runners and walkers … seriously people, if you are going to walk don’t start up at the sharp end you are going to get trampled and cause issues for those who are running.

The first kilometer along Point Nepean Road was a pretty good warmup, shake out section this year as the start had been delayed for 15 minutes and we spent longer than usual milling about at the start line. Form the approach to the freeway overpass the climb begins with some of the more serious climbing actually taking place along Bayview Road (the second climb at this section is actually the steepest ramp on the course, even if it doesn’t show up this way on the maps) . I did some slight tempo/cadence work with the pacing in this section and it seemed to work, although I was feeling a little flat which didn’t bode well for when we got to the switch backs. Off Bayview Road and onto Bunnurong Track ( with a quick glance over to the Two Bays track entry that we will be running up in January ) and the gravel through here is a part of the course that I really enjoy and it is over all too soon as we are back onto the bitumen after about 500m. Almost immediately after entering Arthurs Seat Road and we are into the switch backs.

This is where the back off to 7m/km – surge to 5m/km techniques was to be tested as alternative to a constant tempo – this technique was ok, but not quite as I was expecting. It did mean there was no burning calf muscle, or worrying quads, but it was not a comfortable approach. This might be vary different with a much longer run so I’ll recheck in the lead up to Rollercoaster.

Pretty soon the switchbacks were put behind us, and we even managed to score a pleasant tailwind coming out of the Franklin Point water station, and it was onto the walking track into Seawind Gardens and into the finish. Net time ended up as 35m38s so almost the targeted time, but with the outcome for the technique on the switch backs not so successful so I was a bit disappointed with the run overall.

★ Flickr 2016-11-06 Arthurs Seat Challenge 2016
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Arthurs Seat Challenge 2016

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