This weeks links (2016-11-21)

In brief:

* Doctor Who Xmas Sneak Peek in Full

* Today, Dungeons & Dragons was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum for Play. (2016-Nov-10) [Dungeons & Dragons]

* INTERVIEW: Rat Queens Starts Fresh with a New #1, New Artist (2016-Nov-22) [CBR]


* When you miss your sub 20 minute 5km by 2 seconds …


* Cadel speaks but will the NSW government listen? (2016-Nov-22)[SBS | Cycling Central]
At the weekend couple of news reports combined to paint a terrible picture of cycling in Australia’s global city, Sydney, and it wasn’t pretty.

* Fewer people are cycling in Sydney – the NSW government must be pleased (2016-Nov-22) [Guardian]
To the best of my knowledge, this bold experiment is only occurring in one place on earth: New South Wales. Evidence of the success of this bastard of a policy was provided recently when figures were released by the NSW government that appear to show a decline in participation rates of cycling in Sydney. It’s thought the decline is due to two factors: the increase in fines for minor infringements and a lack of cycling infrastructure in Sydney.

* Big names turn out for the best Bass Coast Cycle Challenge yet (2016-Nov-15) [The Star]
RECORD numbers turned out for the sixth edition of the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge held on Saturday, November 12 in Inverloch and they included the former Australian racing cyclist and SBS commentator Dave McKenzie, the first non-European to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour de France Phil Anderson, and Australia’s current hand cycle race and time trial champion for class H3, Alex Welsh.
Over 700 riders took part in the four key rides with hundreds pounding the pavement in the fun run and taking part in other festival activities run by the Lions Club such as billy cart races, bike decorating and skate/BMX competitions. …

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Uncovered Volume 3 by Unwoman

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