This weeks links (2016-11-28)


In brief:

* Fears Melbourne’s ‘sacred botanical site’ could shrink, taking a slice of history with it (2016-Nov-29) [The Age]
One of Melbourne’s oldest gardens, laid out when the colony of Victoria was just two years young, is under threat from building works which could swallow up about 10 per cent of the remaining grounds.

* Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy (2016-nov-30) [Guardian]
PC was a useful invention for the Republican right because it helped the movement to drive a wedge between working-class people and the Democrats who claimed to speak for them. “Political correctness” became a term used to drum into the public imagination the idea that there was a deep divide between the “ordinary people” and the “liberal elite”, who sought to control the speech and thoughts of regular folk. Opposition to political correctness also became a way to rebrand racism in ways that were politically acceptable in the post-civil-rights era.

* Bad Dungeon Masters (2016-Nov-) [Nerdivore]
It has been my experience that the older and more experienced a DM is, they are often better at doing the job of DMing. DMs are like wine, they either get better with age or they go sour and should be dumped down the drain. Some people in my humble opinion should not be DMing because they are so piss poor at it, while others should quite possibly be paid to DM professionally because they know what they are doing and have so much experience at doing it properly.
In contrast younger DMs often resort to Player Bribery via stats/equipment/starting level, are more likely to pull shenanigans, and have various hallmarks of poor DMs such as Disappearing Acts, etc.




* Crazy Tauro Pass Cycling Descent in 360*!

* What does ‘riding dangerously’ mean for cyclists? (2016-Nov-28) [Executive Style]

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Afterglow by Resolution 88

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