Runkeeper Global 5k (2016)

g5k Event: Runkeeper Global 5k (2016)
Date: Sunday the 4th December 2016
Location: Virtual
Distances: 5km
Organised by: Runkeeper
CHALLENGE : December 3 – December 4
Let’s get the whole world running! Join us – and the entire Runkeeper community – in tracking a 5K on Saturday, December 3 or Sunday, December 4. To complete this Challenge, run or walk 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) anywhere in the world.
It’s our biggest event of the year and your chance to run alongside 182 other countries. Last time, over 400,000 people joined. 3,600 ran their first 5K while 12,600 others hit a personal record. This time, that could be you! We created a new results board on the Global 5K website so you can check your preliminary stats and ranking right after you complete the race.

Runkeeper Global 5k
The timing for this virtual meant running after returning from VG2016 (a Venture camp where a lack of sleep is a given), and to top that off there were warnings of another thunderstorm asthma event with the cool change on Sunday night.

In the end, there was a light rain falling that reduced the pollen count so out we went for a gentle run around Westerfolds Park, having a set 5km course we chose the ‘Team Tuesday’ reverse loop and had a great chat as we made our way around the circuit. Once again it was surprising to see that instead of being more weary at the end of the run, the slow jog actual gives back some energy and aid recovering from the camp.

★ Flickr Runkeeper Global 5k (2016)
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Runkeeper Global 5k (2016)

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