This weeks links (2016-12-12)

Go Outside

In brief:

* Preview: Neil Gaiman’s Stardust (2016-Dec-08) [BBC4]
Challenged to retrieve a fallen star by the beautiful Victoria Forester, to whom he has lost his heart, Tristran Thorn leaves his home in the sleepy English village of Wall. He crosses into the mysterious and magical land of Faerie and the adventure begins! Neil Gaiman’s Stardust is coming to Radio 4!

* Paddling deaths on the rise (2016-Dec-15) [Transport Safety Victoria]

“In all 19 deaths there was no mechanism on board the paddle craft or the individual for raising an alarm, i.e. flares, marine radio or EPIRB. In five cases, this inability to raise an alarm immediately was identified as a factor that delayed efforts to locate and successfully perform a rescue.”


* Running as the Thinking Person’s Sport (2016-Dec-14) [NYT]
Running seems to require a greater amount of high-level thinking than most of us might imagine. The sport seems to change how the brain works in surprising ways, according to a new report. …



* [ORICA-BikeExchange] NEWS: We’ll be called Orica-Scott in 2017!

* Hate cyclists? Get over it, they’re not going away (2016-Dec-13) [Herald Sun]

“Get a grip on your anger. Because if you allow your anger to control your actions to the point where other people’s lives are put at risk, then you are the problem. Cyclists don’t make you angry, you get angry because you allow yourself to be.”

Some reading/listening:

* Abney Park’s Christmas Album, Free!

Something from Bandcamp:
*North Pole Boogie Vol.16* by Tartelet Records

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