BUPA Challenge Tour 58km (2017)

bupa-challenge-tour Event: BUPA Challenge Tour
Date: Friday the 20th January 2017
Location: Mt Pleasant to Campbelltown
Distances: 58km
Organised by: Santos Tour Down Under

The Bupa Challenge Tour is the Santos Tour Down Under’s annual mass-participation ride. It takes place on the morning of Bupa Stage 4, along the same route as the professional riders, just hours before the pros take to the road.

BUPA community ride 58km.

The 58km ride from Mt Pleasant to Campbelltown
📃 Route Map [PDF]
📃 Route Notes [PDF]

An examination of the Strava stat’s show a top speed of 82.1km/h on one of the descents, that explains;
1.) Why that descent was so much fun.
2.) Why I was passing other riders so quickly

★ Flickr 2017-01-20 BUPA RIDE
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: BUPA community ride 58km

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